Yves Adams

Yves Adams is a full-time nature and wildlife photographer from Belgium. He travels around Europe and to other continents. He is very fascinated by the Arctic and its wildlife. Yves has been photographing in Iceland, Canada, Scandinavia and several times he has been active in his preferred destination, Svalbard.

On these trips and in his daily work as a photographer closer to home, he uses the backpacks of Mr. Jan Gear. Yves has been a product advisor since the start. He has been testing the back bags everywhere and he’s been doing this in the most extreme conditions, from the hot deserts in Oman to the freezing winters in Svalbard. He used them during hiking, climbing, in caves, on boats, in helicopters and airplanes and on snow scooters. Yves likes to get the best gear available to make his life just a little bit easier. That’s why he chooses to work with Mr. Jan Gear backpacks.