Tom Dyring

Tom Dyring is a professional nature photographer living close to Oslo in southern Norway. Originally a landscape architect by profession, he has worked as a full-time photographer for years, documenting wildlife worldwide. He has a specific passion for snakes. His pictures have been rewarded in many international photo contests. Fundamental in his approach to wildlife photography is a profound respect for nature, ecology and the subject. His pictures document the planet’s wildest habitats and most beautiful biological diversity, which is quickly in decline.

Like any successful wildlife photographer, Tom puts a lot of work into his pictures: creative planning, lots of travel, carrying, freezing, sweating, long walks, endless patience and many failed attempts; sometimes even a few dangerous situations. The result? Unforgettable, magic moments.

Tom is a member of the Norwegian Nature Photographers Association (NN), an exclusive association for professional nature photographers who focus on environmental issues and work according to ethical standards.