Tom Dyring

Tom Dyring is a professional nature photographer living close to Oslo in southern Norway. Originally a landscape architect by profession, but for years working full time with photography. Tom is only and exclusively doing wildlife with projects all over the world… and with a big heart for snakes. His pictures have been rewarded in multiple international photo contests around the world. Elementary in his approach to wildlife photography is a fundamental respect for nature, for ecological principals and the respect for the very individual that is being documented. The pictures should also be seen as a documentation on a biological diversity that, with accelerating speed, dissolves between our fingers, …and that is now facing a planet in decay where irreplaceable habitats and lifeforms continuously vanish.

Like any other wildlife photographer, there is a lot of work behind the pictures: creative planning, lots of carrying, freezing, sweating, long walks, endless patience and many failed attempts, sometimes a few dangerous situations, but also unforgettable, magic moments.

Tom Dyring is a member of Norwegian Nature Photographers Association (NN), an exclusive association for professional nature photographers with a focus on environmental issues and ethical standards.