The ambassadors of MrJanGear

To produce truly excellent gear, a lot of testing in the field is needed. These photographers have helped us with countless tests and feedback, and have become our true ambassadors. While travelling the world, they meet other photographers, always on the lookout for smart ideas to improve our products.


Hans Overduin

Hans is a Dutch photographer and as long as he can remember, he had an interest in photography. As a young kid he already ventured out with his father’s old Praktica camera, making shots of the dunes and the shoreline close to his home. It didn’t take long before he bought his first (second-hand) Nikon […]


Tuomas Heinonen

Tuomas Heinonen is a Finnish nature photographer based in Espoo, southern Finland. Nature photography is an important part of Tuomas’s life, a way to relax and a good counterbalance for working in private security sector. Tuomas has a blog in Finnish and through his Facebook page he publishes the most recent photos with stories surrounding them. […]


Tom Dyring

Tom Dyring is a professional nature photographer living close to Oslo in southern Norway. Originally a landscape architect by profession, but for years working full time with photography. Tom is only and exclusively doing wildlife with projects all over the world… and with a big heart for snakes. His pictures have been rewarded in multiple […]


Sergey Gorshkov

Sergey Gorshkov was born in a faraway Siberian village. “Right now it sounds strange, but when I grew up, we didn’t have a TV in the house and I spent most of my time at one with nature. It was my only entertainment. Many years later when I lived in the North I had some […]

Floris Smeets

Floris Smeets

I was born and raised in the Netherlands. Coming from a family consisting of biologists, my passion for nature is embedded in my DNA. While growing up, I spent most of my time outside, looking for all kinds of wildlife. From the age of eleven, I started to develop an interest in photography. My dad gave me his first […]


Martin Steenhaut

Passionate about strong images and respect for the subject Martin Steenhaut was born in Brussels and grew up in Antwerp. His older brother shared with him the passion for wildlife and observing and photographing nature. During his later studies it became obvious that photography was the great passion, so it became the perfect combination. Looking […]


Marco Ronconi

Born in 1984 a small town in northern Italy, I was lucky enough to grow up in contact with nature. Photography is just a way to spend as much time as I can outdoors, far away from the noise, the rush and the lack of sensitivity of modern life. I try to celebrate the beauty of […]


David Pattyn

David works as an anesthesiologist in ’s Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. He has always had a special interest in nature and birds in particular. Wildlife photography started as a hobby but evolved into a real passion. He has been awarded in numerous nature photo competitions  (GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Natures Best, Glanzlichter, Asferico, […]


Sandra Bartocha

Sandra Bartocha is a German freelance photographer and author specialising in natural landscapes and plants, with the specific aim of creating images that evoke an emotional response. The beauty of nature and the beauty of natural light is a great source of inspiration to Sandra. She tries to photograph nature in an artistic way rather […]


Markus Varesvuo

After twenty years in the business world, Markus turned his life-long hobby of bird watching and photography into full-time professional wildlife photography in 2005. He has been awarded in numerous nature photo competitions. The highlight so far is second place in 2014 in the Nature category in the world’s most prestigious photo contest, World Press […]


Yves Adams

Yves Adams is a full-time nature and wildlife photographer from Belgium. He travels around Europe and to other continents. He is very fascinated by the Arctic and its wildlife.