Bean bags

Beanbags are one of the oldest and most used solutions for many seasoned nature photographers. In most cases it is easier to handle than a tripod, it is lighter (even if well filled, it weighs not much more than 1 kilogram, while a sturdy tripod with a ballhead is never lighter than 2.5 kilogram).

It also can be useful in huts and low-level photography.

All our BeanBags have a separate mesh liner to contain the filling. Easy to clean and easy to dry.

We do not supply a filling material yet. Beanbags will be sent empty. You can use beans, rice, cherry kerns, woodchips or plastic beads.

Check out the different models!


Big Drum Bean Bag

$ 22.45


Cover Bean Bag

$ 17.72

little drum

Little drum

$ 17.72


Two Legged BB

$ 38.99


V Bean Bag

$ 27.12