Hans Overduin

Hans is a Dutch photographer and as long as he can remember, he had an interest in photography. As a young kid he already ventured out with his father’s old Praktica camera, making shots of the dunes and the shoreline close to his home. It didn’t take long before he bought his first (second-hand) Nikon Em, the first of many Nikon cameras. As an avid traveller – first strictly private and later also for business purposes – he got more and more interested in wildlife photography. This all accelerated when he bought his first digital camera and was (finally) removed from the restrictions slide films offered. Over the last years, his search for locations and interesting species (especially birds) has intensified and nowadays hardly a day passes without venturing out with the camera. Close to his house, or as part of a holiday, photography- or business trip. Besides trying to shoot nice images, it’s being outside and away from all the everyday hassle, that gives him the most satisfaction. That’s probably why – although he does like good company – Hans does most of his shootings alone.

His work is widely published and used for explanatory boards in several nature reserves across Europe. Hans had his first international exhibition at the Bolinas Art Museum (California, USA) in 2015.

Website: hansoverduin.nl