Tuomas Heinonen

Tuomas Heinonen is a Finnish nature photographer based in Espoo, southern Finland. Nature photography is central to his life, giving him a healthy counterbalance to his work in the private security sector.

Tuomas has a vivid blog in Finnish and a Facebook page on which he publishes his most recent photos and stories. You can find new photographs almost daily on his Instagram feed, ranging from the most recent ones to throwbacks from his archives.

Tuomas’s most adored subjects are birds, mammals and landscapes, of which he sells digital pictures and prints. He also educates, makes presentations and is a nature guide, next to working for individual clients as an independent photographer. 

For exquisite photography, Tuomas considers the angle a top-ranking factor. One of his beloved perspectives is the same level as the subject, for example, the water level when photographing waterfowl. Typical of his images are beautiful colours, narrow depth of field, a sharp focus and great light. Using a wider optic often adds to the effect. When a good idea for a photo comes to mind, Tuomas often builds his own rigs and tools to achieve the desired result. His skillfulness and love for nature photography result in a wide range of subjects and landscapes, changing throughout the year.

Tuomas is active in several nature photography associations. He has been a board member of Suomen Ammattiluontokuvaajat (Finnish Professional Nature photographers) for years and a founding member of an association devoted to documenting the natural richness in Suomenoja, Espoo. Their book ‘Lintuparatiisi’ (meaning ‘bird paradise’) documents the natural treasures and biodiversity of the region.