Sergey Gorshkov

Sergey Gorshkov is a world renowned nature photographer from Russia. He was born in a faraway Siberian village. “When I grew up, we didn’t have a TV in the house, and I spent most of my time in nature. It was my only entertainment. Many years later, when I lived in the north, I started working with a Nikon, and it changed my life. I sold my business and invested my time in creativity. Since then, my life has been an endless photo safari. I don’t call myself a professional, I still make mistakes, but I analyze them and gain knowledge. This is my history, my way. Making wildlife photos hasn’t made me rich, but the opportunity to communicate with wild animals brings me so much happiness. My photography reflects the world I live in.”

Russia’s wildlife is my personal project.

It was in Kamchatka that I shot my first project about bears. These animals are still my passion and my trademark. I’m endlessly thankful to Kamchatka for its lessons of professionalism and love of nature.

I am considering an ambitious project about the “conquest” of the Russian Arctic. I want to portray this ascetic and beautiful world in its entirety, from the East to the West. I was able to work a lot on the Chukchi Peninsula, the Wrangell Island, the Taymyr Peninsula and the Putorana Plateau, and I hope the work was fruitful. My plans contain Novaya Zemlya and Franz Josef Land.”

Sergey is the founding member of the Russian Union of wildlife photographers. He has received many awards for his work, such as two “Photographer of the year in Russia” awards. In 2021, he became Wildlife Photographer of the Year, winning the prestigious competition of the Natural History Museum. Sergey has won numerous other contests in Italy and France, and his work is widely recognised. You can regularly attend one of his exhibitions and seminars in Russia and Europe and find his work printed in magazines worldwide. 

Sergey is a resident of the National Geographic Russia magazine. He is also the author of 6 photo albums: “Bear”, “Kamchatka – The Vanishing world”, “Kamchatka”, “СatWalk”, ‘Wrangel Island’ and ‘Plateau Putorana’. Sergey finds it paramount that we document the richness of nature through photography.