Martin Steenhaut

Passionate about strong images and respect for the subject Martin Steenhaut was born in Brussels and grew up in Antwerp. His older brother shared with him the passion for wildlife and observing and photographing nature. During his later studies it became obvious that photography was the great passion, so it became the perfect combination. Looking at nature and trying to capture it. Martin became a professional photographer in food and event photography. But the need to be in nature became greater and greater, so wildlife photography took over. His work is mainly mammals, birds and landscapes, always with a great respect for his subject. Photos are not trophy’s that you need to make at any cost. The great popularity of wildlife photography puts a lot of pressure on nature sometimes. That is why respecting your subject and avoiding disturbance is my golden rule.

With regular lectures and exhibitions, he tries to share his passion with the public. Martin got awarded many times in major international contests. Highlights were a second place worldwide in the World Photographic Cup 2015, those are like the Olympics for professional photographers. He also won the 1st prize in Landscapes at the famous Montier en Der Festival in France, in 2016. In 2017 Martin got rewarded with the European QEP label as Qualified European Wildlife Photographer. A nice recognition for more than 20 years of nature photography.

With Wildpix Travel, Martin also runs a travel agency, specialized in hide photography trips. Also a way to share his passion.