Ronconi box

$ 238.61

Two large padded boxes to transport your large lenses and camera equipment. Can be used separately or connected to each other. Ideal for use in large suitcases, for storage at home, the drawer of your campervan, or the front chair of the car using it as your 4-wheel-hide. Or every other moment that you do not need a full-featured backpack but just good protection for your lenses and camera. Comes with a set of dividers and velco-pockets

Product Description

We started with the Ponting Bag, a waterproof bag for backpacks. Then we added inserts in order to make it a waterproof travel-bag for rough circumstances which is more or less the two Boris compartments without the carrying system. The Ponting Ronconi was born.

After a while, we had so much more use for these boxes outside the waterproof hull, so we decided to sell them apart from the Ponting Bag.

Two large, velcro lined boxes with YKK 10 zipper closure. They can be clipped together or used as separate boxes.


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