Ponting Ronconi


The Ponting Ronconi is our waterproof backpack. It’s designed for hauling your gear in a zodiac or boat while preventing it from getting wet.

This pack comes with an inside bag, which you can use separately when water is less of an issue and you want to walk around light and flexible with your camera gear.

Marco Ronconi, one of our ambassadors and an avid critic, received the Ponting Bag for his trip to Alaska and found it passed the test with flying colours. Now available for all!

Product Description

Ponting backpack with two long, padded inserts with a full velcro liner.
The set is complete with four dividers, two small and two large pouches and a support for big lenses.

Inside measurements of the boxes (p/p):  17cm x 18cm x 57cm
Outside measurements of the bag: 22cm x 40cm x 60cm


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