Ponting Bag


The Ponting bag is a very sturdy waterproof bag. It’s ideal for expedition landings and for traveling in wet and harsh conditions while still keeping your gear dry.

We designed the bag as an envelope pack for the Bertik IIBertik IVBoris IV photo rucksack, but it will surely fit other bags from other brands. It has a waterproof roll-up closure, two big padded grips and a simple carrying system.

This spacious 50-litre waterproof bag is designed for an Antarctic expedition, on which the gear could only be brought to land with a zodiac RIB – making it extremely difficult to keep the camera gear dry. So we designed the perfect envelope bag to put your stuff in, go ashore and unpack. It’s a better, more comfortable and more secure solution than a specialised waterproof backpack. Now available for all travelers!

What’s in a name

This bag was named after the most famous expedition photographer ever and our all-time hero: Herbert George Ponting. This photographer and cinematographer made hundreds of stunning images in unthinkable, harsh conditions during the Terra Nova Expedition (1910 – 1913). If you read his story, you will learn why you should be prepared for the unknown …

Additional Information

Weight 1.025 kg
Dimensions 22 × 40 × 60 cm


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