Ponting bag

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The Ponting bag is a very sturdy and fully waterproof bag for expedition landings and other wet and harsh conditions where you will otherwise have trouble to keep your gear dry.

The bag is designed as an envelope pack for the Bertik II, Boris or Spitsbergen photorucksacks but it surely will fit other bags from other brands. It accommodates a waterproof roll-up closure, two big padded grips and a simple padded carrying system.

This roomy 50-liter waterproof bag was designed for a antarctic expedition where the gear could only be brought to land with a zodiac RIB with zero chance to keep your stuff dry. So we designed a envelope-bag to put your stuff in, get it ashore and unpack. This is a better, a more comfortable and secure solution than a waterproof backpack.

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What’s in a name

This bag was named after the most famous expedition photographer ever and our all-time hero: Herbert George Ponting the photographer and cinematographer who made hundreds of stunning images under absolute unthinkable harsh conditions during the Terra Nova Expedition (1910 – 1913). If you read his story you will know you should be prepared for the unknown…

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