Bertik II


The smaller ‘big companion’
We have overhauled the Bertik with some improvements and added some ‘feature requests’.
The Bertik II is replacing the Bertik I per direct.

The Bertik II is a somewhat smaller pack, but with the same unique design as it’s big brother Boris. Elegance and functionality are its strong points. Though it is still big enough to carry some pro sized camera bodies and a 300 or 500 mm telelens. Bertik is also fitted with ergonomic shoulder straps and lightweight adjustable hip belt. A raincover is provided.

We have added two tension-straps on the top of the pack to put less strain on the zippers and added a front-pocket which can accommodate a laptop or a tablet. We do not encourage putting a laptop in a pack with your camera gear because the heavy photo equipment and a vulnerable laptop are a tricky couple. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you…)

So the pocket is not padded on the outside to prevent extra bulkiness. It’s just there for your convenience and for ‘travelling light’. Always put a protecting sleeve around your tablet or laptop.
The pocket can also be used for stashing less sensitive products like nuts, beef-jerky, chewing gum and a map.

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Additional Information

Weight 2.3 kg

Two outside pockets, 5 velcro see-through pockets inside


12 velcro dividers in 3 different sizes and colours

The sizes of Bertik II are within the regulations of most airliners. Most of the time the weight will be more of a point of discussion. This is and always will be a fact of life. It’s up to your diplomatic behaviour – there is no way to tell up forehand what will happen.

Since the bag is made of fabric and foam and not from plywood, these sizes have some margin. If you wonder if your gear will fit in – feel free to ask.

If you wonder why the outer/inner size of depth of the bag differs so much more than the outer/inner size of the height: we have added the size of the shoulder straps and hip belt to be secure.

Size (cm) Height Width Depth (bottom) Depth (top)







17 + 17




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