Floating, testing, shooting and showing

By Olof Fredrikze | Posted at: October 6, 2014

A floating hide is invented in a blink of an eye. But building it to suit all your needs is a bit of a long story.

While we have lots of ideas (and you put even more in our mailbox), we did lots of trial and error, lots of rethinking, lots of discussion and drank lots of coffee we still had just one goal: getting with our floating hide into the ponds, taking amazing pictures and enjoy every species of waterfowl from nearby… As close as possible without disturbing them.

We have seen all kind of DIY-floating hides, mostly made of styropor (insulation) foam and plywood. Functional? Yes. But how do you get it on the plane?  That’s what we thought… So we invented the Inflatable Floating Hide and asked our friends Yves Adams and David Pattyn for additional testing and feedback.

Want to learn more about our packs and floating hides?

Come and visit us at the GDT Festival in Lünen – Germany or the Lowland Festival in Bornem – Belgium.

See you there!

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