Ponting Bag tested by Elephant seals

New in the line-up of MrJan Gear packs is the Ponting Bag. The Ponting bag is a very sturdy and fully waterproof bag for expedition landings and other wet and harsh conditions where you will otherwise have trouble to keep your gear dry.

The bag is designed as an envelope pack for the Bertik II, Boris or Spitsbergen photo rucksacks but it surely will fit all kind of bags from other brands equally well. It accommodates a waterproof roll-up closure, two big padded grips and a simple padded carrying system. And since there is quite some air trapped inside when you close the bag, it even floats - as we discovered involuntary when we jumped ashore..

And as you can see, it's even seal-proof...

It's readily available in the shop for € 115,- which is a bargain to keep your valuable and expensive equipment safe and dry.


We named it Ponting bag in honour of Herbert George Ponting - the famous photographer of Scotts Antarctic expedition who managed to keep his instruments in working condition, even in the most horrible winter storms. His photographs survived the journey and are of a really stunning quality. Protection is everything!

Ponting Barne Glacier

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