Last minute to Japan

By Olof Fredrikze | Posted at: April 18, 2014

Dutch wildlife photographer Jan Baks met the MrJanGear Bertik at the NVN-natuurfoto festival in Arnhem. It was a kind of ‘love at first sight’ and he would love to take his gear on a trip to Japan packed in a Bertik.

But we had no Bertik with us, except the ‘showcase’ from Olof and just a few days left…

With a little bit help from our friends we managed to get his pack right on schedule before leaving to Japan.

Saturday morning I will leave for Japan so I must have the backpack before thursday night – otherwise I will have to pack my Lowepro

Jan was very fond of his Bertik and still is. His Nikon camera with a 200-400mm on one side, and another camera with a 70-200mm on the other side left some room foor his cables, some food and other ‘utensils’.

Jan was very pleased with our ‘wrong-side-zippers’ and the nice velcro pockets for the small stuff to keep everything organised.

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