MrJan Gear Photo backpacks
The comfortable way to carry big lenses

MrJan Gear Inflatable Floating Hide:
The next step in hidrohide photography

MrJanGear Bean Bags
For light and durable stability

The best wildlife pictures are never lucky shots, but the result of patience and experience. The same kind of patience and experience we put in our photo backpacks and inflatable floating hide.


From field test to improvement

One of our main goals when starting a factory the photo backpack business was to make products that will perform in the field. All of us bought and used packs that looked good and well made but still left room for a lot of improvement. And we know that there is no such thing as free lunch and even so no such thing as one size fits all.

That is why we asked a few photographers to test our packs and give us feedback. In return they could keep the pack or send it back when it did not perform well enough.

No packs were returned... Only some personal notes. So we had to decipher all the small comments and make them appear in our improved 'series IV'.

So we proudly present you:
the Boris IV and the Bertik IV.

Boris was here!

The Boris is our ’signature‘ pack. Full featured, ready for take-off. Literally because the Boris complies to the max sizes most airlines use for hand luggage. Still it fits an 800 and a 600mm telelens. The flexible two compartment design with opening on the back side (we tend to call it the right side) is attractive for all kinds of photographers. Sports-, wildlife- and travel photographers who don't have the choice to go light.

I've been using a MrJan Gear 'Boris' backpack for over 2 years and it's protected my equipment very well. 

- Nick Garbutt


No Plastic Bagging

If you ever have worked in a warehouse you probably were stunned by the amount of garbage a warehouse produces by just unpacking goods. We too used to deliver our bags in a bag because things need to stay clean and in good condition. And we still do.

But now it is a reusable nylon bag which you can use for storing the product or for whatever use you can find for it. Because we think one of the best ways to reduce the amount of (plastic) waste is using less plastic and use and reuse everything else as much as possible.

From the small Flens up to the big Boris backpack will be delivered in a special made nylon bag.