Boris IV

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The photo rucksack for all your trips.

We made the Boris big enough to fit an 800mm tele (without camera mounted, of course) and still complies to the regulations for all airlines to take it with you as in-cabin hand luggage.

The box-model is very convenient and will give you plenty of room for a lot of gear. While the inside is fully velcro-looped, the dividers (11 in 3 sizes) and the removable pouches (5 in two sizes) gives you all the possible freedom to fit it to your gear.

The pack sports two large compartments and is opening on the backside to keep your carrying system clean and dry and to have very easy access.

The backpack will be delivered with a nylon bag for storage and other purposes – you wil find a use for it anyway.

New for the Boris IV

We improved the over-all design on quite some points.

  • The grips are bigger and more comfortable. Even with winter-mittens there is no problem to grab the bag.
  • We changed the dividers and added a big-lens support and a flexible divider.
  • The front pocket is redesigned to a very flat design but lots of room for maps, food, gloves or as temporary storage for a laptop.
  • There are no fixed straps on the outside anymore. We added the straps as accessories and we made 16 spots to attach something to the outside; tripod, jacket, poles…
  • The belt is now (proudly) equipped with a CobraBuckle from AustriAlpin. This is the best buckle – period.
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Additional Information

Weight2.9 kg

The sizes of Boris are within the regulations of most airliners. Most of the time the weight will be more of a point of discussion. This is and always will be a fact of life. It’s up to your diplomatic behaviour – there is no way to tell up forehand what will happen.

If you wonder why the outer/inner size of depth of the bag differs so much more than the outer/inner size of the height: we have added the size of the shoulder straps and hip belt to be secure.

The front pocket is 45cm x 35cm and is not padded.

Since the bag is made of fabric and foam and not from plywood, these sizes have some margin. If you wonder if your gear will fit in – feel free to ask.

Size (cm)HeightWidthDepth






17 + 17


6 reviews for Boris IV

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Martin Steenhaut

    The perfect bag with amazing space, I carry 2 bodies + 600mm + 200-500mm + binoculars + small lenses + accessories, and this all fits!! Perfect for travelling as it fits the hand luggage dimensions. And important for people like me with back problems… it carries so easy, even with heavy load, due to its good design that I can walk around with it for hours. After searching for years and trying almost every brand, THIS IS THE ONE, just perfect. Thanks JAN!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Pierre Nowosad

    The best backpack I ever had , I recommend him to my friends Jan!!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Pieterjan dHondt

    Strong and sturdy camera bag, the best, most versatile and roomiest bag I’ve ever seen and used! Very happy with the purchase. Keep the good stuff coming Mr Jan Gear!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Olivier GUTFREUND

    J’ai acquis ce sac il y a peu. J’ai réussi à mettre tout mon matériel dont un 500 mm. La qualité de construction est parfaite et robuste. Je suis hyper satisfait de mon achat.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bert Van der Krieken

    We, my wife and I, really do like the stuff of MrJanGear. Not due to his blue eyes! We’re more on the practical side. We have a lot of (photo)gear and do travel a lot around the globe; we’re constantly in need of space and sturdiness of backpacks, water tight bags, trolleys, …that complies with the airline regulations!
    Over the years we bought a lot of backpacks. 2 years ago we purchased some Gura Gear …not bad, but too small in order to carry the max of gear with us. Last year we met a guy at Andenes, Norway who he had a Boris… a backpack that opens lightning fast on the backside in order to keep the carrying belts clean. It has 2 compartments with way of space and plenty of dividers. No problem for our 500mm lenses, 100-400mm, 70-200mm, 2 body’s and still complies as in-cabin luggage…
    In the mean time, and this due to the sturdiness and the reliability of Mr. Jan Gears’ material, we own 2 Borisses, 2 Bergrisar Trolleys, 2 lens carrier systems, some lens pouches and even a floating hide combo! Bravo Jan!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jan Maštera

    I have bought one of the previous generation Boris bags over a year ago. Specifically to contain and transport my large format equipment – Sinar F2 4×5, bunch of lenses, holders and other accessories. I have not regretted the decision one single time. Everything fits there!

    I need to take all the equipment out for a few days and maximum versatility? No problem, that seems to be what it was designed for. I need to pack lightly and include food and water for long trip? No problem, just reconfigure insides and there you are. I need to be able to pack and unpack fast? No problem, as the bag is large enough not to have to dismantle the camera. I will be working in complicated terrain, possibly a bit of climbing, lot of mud and narrow spaces? No problem as the bag sits very comfortably and stable on your back, is accessible from the rear and even for what it can all contain is impressively thin.

    Simply put, I have not met any other backpack that would fulfil all my needs and still have a lot of useful and cool stuff that makes it much more easier to work in challenging environments.

    Thanks a lot and keep up the amazing work!

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