About floating hides

Using a Floating Hide or a Hidrohide is one of the best ways to watch,  observe and taking pictures of  birds living on or next to the water.

On this page you will learn more about the how and when, what equipment is suitable, how to stay safe and how to be a bird with the birds so you won't disturb the subject of your love.

The custom made inflatable hull with an extra 'dip' in the front gives room to your lens in the front.Therefore it is possible to be as close to the water level as you dare to be with your equipment, less than 15cm. It was realy a challenge to build a well performing and stable hide and combining that with a super low level mounting point.

After more than 8 prototypes and numerous pre-production models with small changes we finally had the possibility to hand it out to a few photographers with lots of experience in using a Floating Hide. Yves Adams and David Pattyn where among the first to use it. And they still do. You can find their work on the Ambassadors page. Fine tuned with their feedback we could start the production and start shipping the preordered Floating Hides.

Now the MrJan Gear Inflatable Floating Hide (sounds like something Q invented) is in use everywhere on the world. From the Amazon to Svalbard, From the fjords near Trondheim to the French Camargue and even in China. Places hard to reach with a home made PVC-piping or Styrofoam-plywood floating construction.



Questions need to be asked. We do it all the time. Getting the answers is even more important. We will collect the most important and frequently asked questions about the Floating Hide on this page. Do you have a question that's not answered and you think it should be in the FAQ? Send us an email and if we publish it here, we will reward you with something useful.


For more information you can browse the site or download the flyer:

Stay tuned!

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