Floating Hide II Combo

Inflatable floating hides are a unique way to explore the lakes and ponds and get a close look at the waterfowl that is living there.

For the second generation Floating Hide we started all over again but put all our knowledge on the table.

  • We would like to have it lighter and smaller
  • We would like to have a lower mounting plate
  • We would like to keep the travel ability of the original FH
  • Furthermore: it must be as stable and sturdy and reliable as the original.

By using modern techniques like 3D-printing for complex parts, lightweight alloy for the ‘bridge’ and a much lighter construction for the floats we were able to get the total weight down to 5.3 kilograms. It is easy to attach all kinds of accessories to suit your needs for photographing waterfowl in shallow water or in deeper ponds. More info at our FAQ-page

$ 789.66

Air pump

A high volume air pump for floating hide.  5 liter per stroke. Quick inflating / deflating. Special valve used in rafts. It can also pump in reversed direction to quickly (and fully) deflate the floating hide which can be useful for packing.

Additional Information

Weight 5.3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 60 cm


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1x Floating Hide bag with logo
2x Black poles with inflatable floats
4x Webbing closed webbing straps
1x Splash cover
1x Zipper pouch
2x Tripod screw ¾”
1x Hex key
2x Salt resistant Neoprene O-ring
1x Plastic reducer
4x Tube supports
1x Plate for camera mounting
6x Tubes (500 mm)

1x Tent bag
1x Tent
2x Pre curved: Aluminum tent poles