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Inflatable floating hides allow you to explore the lakes and ponds in a unique way, giving you a close look at the waterfowl. Photographing the subject up close without disturbing it results in very intimate images.

After developing two versions of the hide, we further refined our ideas. We based this third-generation floating hide on the best features of version 2, but we made it lighter and changed the assembly. No more screws are needed; everything fits together.  

In short, these features were improved:

  • It’s lighter and smaller, for maximum portability
  • It has an even lower mounting plate
  • It’s very compact for travel 
  • It remains as stable, sturdy, and reliable as the earlier versions

Using another production system saved us a lot of time in assembling the parts, and allowed us to give the floats a lighter construction. We got the total weight down to 5.3 kg. You can easily attach all kinds of accessories to suit your needs for photographing in shallow water or deeper ponds. Read more on our Floating Hide FAQ page.

The set comes in a bag.

Included are: 2 inflatable tubes with the frame, an anti-splash system and a tent with poles.

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Product Description


  • lighter and smaller, for maximum portability
  • lower mounting plate
  • equally compact for travel as the classic floating hide
  • as stable, sturdy and reliable as the original

Additional Information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 60 cm

2 reviews for Floating Hide 3 Combo

  1. Mr Jan Gear

    Danish photographer Morten Hilmer uses the FH III Combo. This is what he says about our products: “I’m a fan of Jan’s gear for three reasons. First, I love that it’s made in Europe. Second, he doesn’t compromise on quality to make his products cheaper. And third, Jan uses the products and strives for perfection, constantly using photographers’ feedback to improve them. He’s very passionate about his brand.”

    Check out how he uses the Floating Hide III Combo in Denmark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fscvqcin4mY

  2. Piotr (verified owner)

    FH Combo 3 używam od kilku tygodni. Jestem pod wrażeniem jakości wykonania części pływającej, jak i namiotu maskującego. Na plus na pewno szybki i łatwy montaż i demontaż pływadełka, które bezproblemowo mieści się w bagażniku sedana czy samochodów segmentu B (nie rozmontowuję stelaża, wypuszczam tylko powietrze z pływaków). Zakupiłem także pompkę od MrJanGear, która nie jest najmniejsza, ale bardzo wydajna. Zawory na pływakach dobrze przemyślane i łatwe w obsłudze. Część maskująca także łatwa i szybka w montażu. Duża ilość okienek do obserwacji otoczenia, których “zasłonki” są mocowane na magnesy, więc są ciche przy otwieraniu i łatwe do zamocowania w pozycji otwartej. Pływaki posiadają uchwyty do przenoszenia pływadełka, co przydaje się podczas transportu w płytkiej wodzie, czy do miejsca docelowego. Zgodnie z opisem fabrycznym pływadełko jest lekkie. Po całkowitym złożeniu zajmuje niewiele miejsca. Montaż stelażu nie wymaga żadnych śrub itp., jedynie do zamocowania głowicy wymagana jest śruba motylkowa (dwie znajdują się w zestawie). Dodatkowo brak elementów metalowych (nie licząc motylka do mocowania głowicy) eliminuje korozję. Bardzo udana konstrukcja. Szczerze polecam!


    I have been using FH Combo 3 for several weeks. I am impressed by the quality of the floating part and the masking tent. On a plus, certainly quick and easy installation and disassembly of the hide, which is easily fit in the trunk of the sedan or segment B cars (I do not dismantle the frame, I only release air from tubes). I also bought a pump from MRJAngear, which is not the smallest, but very efficient. Valves on tubes well thought out and easy to use. The masking tent also easy and quick to assemble. A large number of windows to observe the environment, whose covers are eqipped with magnets, so they are quiet when opening and easy to attach in an open position. The tubes have handles for carrying a hide, which is useful during transport in shallow water or to the destination. According to the factory description, the hide is light. After complete assembly, it takes up little space. Installation of the hide frame does not require any screws, only a butterfly screw is needed to mount the head (two are included in the set). Lack of metal elements (except screw for the head) prevents corrosion and rust.
    I highly recommend FH Combo 3!

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    • 1x Floating Hide bag with logo

      2x Black tubes with inflatable floats

      4x Webbing mounting straps

      1x Splash cover

      1x Zipper pouch

      2x Tripod screw ¾

      2x Salt resistant neoprene O-ring

      1x Plastic reducer
4x Tube support plates
1x Plate for camera mounting
6x Alloy tubes (500 mm)


      1x Tent bag

      1x Tent

      2x Pre-curved aluminium tent poles
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