Floating Hide II Combo

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Floating Hide II Combo has been discontinued and its successor is Floating Hide III. Therefore, it is not possible to purchase this product anymore. If you would like to preorder Floating Hide III, click here.

Inflatable floating hides allow you to explore the lakes and ponds in a unique way, giving you a close look at the waterfowl. Photographing the subject up close without disturbing it results in very intimate images.

For this second generation Floating Hide, we started from scratch to rethink the concept, using all the knowledge we gathered from the first edition.

  • We wanted it to be lighter and smaller, for maximum portability
  • We wanted it to have an even lower mounting plate
  • It should be equally compact for travel as the original FH
  • It should be as stable, sturdy and reliable as the original.

Using modern techniques like CNC for complex parts, lightweight alloy for the ‘bridge’, and a much lighter construction for the floats, we got the total weight down to 5.3 kg. It’s easy to attach all kinds of accessories to suit your needs for photographing waterfowl in shallow water or deeper ponds. Read more on our Floating Hide FAQ-page.

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Product Description


  • lighter and smaller, for maximum portability
  • lower mounting plate
  • equally compact for travel as the classic floating hide
  • as stable, sturdy and reliable as the original

Additional Information

Weight5.3 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 60 cm

7 reviews for Floating Hide II Combo

  1. Vasos Vasiliou (verified owner)

    Just got it and used it once. Amazing experience in the water. Even though mirgation seems to be a bit late and no much birds around I enjoyed it the maximum. Extremely light and easy to manuver.

  2. Geoffrey DESMETTRE

    C’est devenu ma maison secondaire. Pratique, léger, résistant. Je pratique beaucoup l’affût flottant en rivière et cet affut flottant est vraiment très très bien pensé.

  3. Agris (verified owner)

    Have been using the floating hide since summer 2019 with Canon 600/4 lens end 1Dx body. Great product: easy to carry to location, supports photographer if water is too deep to wade.

  4. Geoffrey DESMETTRE

    C’est un super produit bien fait
    Simple à mettre en œuvre, léger, discret. J’ai pu faire les photos au ras de l’eau comme je voulais.
    Couture de qualité ainsi que les matériaux. Bonne visibilité avec ces nombreuses ouvertures

    It’s a great product well done
    Simple to implement, light, discreet. I was able to take the photos at the water’s edge as I wanted.
    Quality sewing and materials. Good visibility with these many openings

  5. Jens Söderlund (verified owner)

    I have used it for about a month and a half and I am loving it. I find it very easy to manoeuvre and hold steady even when you’re not standing on the bottom of the lake or creek. Of course, it takes a little more effort when you have to tread water, but it works fine. I have taken pictures of Sandpipers and Kingfishers and you don’t scare them at all. And if you don’t scare them you don’t disturb them. I have seen a lot of amazing things and taking a lot of great pictures.

  6. Sabine Schroll (verified owner)

    I have since about 2 weeks and love it already! The learning curve is steep and the perspective so fantastic. Kingfishers made their cleaning splashes only a half meter beside the hide. Setup is easy and quite fast.
    If you want to increase the madness from sitting squeezed in a small tent then go for the hide in the cold water! Absolutely worth it even without photos the experience is awesome.

  7. John W Gerlach

    I have been using it this spring of 2020. Doing my part to social distance from others is easy in this floating hide as there is never anyone else out their among the waterfowl. It is awesome and so easy to use. I regularly have wild birds swim within 15 feet of me, and the white pelicans swim over and peer into my lens from only feet away. This is the best way I know of for photographing birds, something I have been doing full-time for 4 decades.

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    • 1x Floating Hide bag with logo

      2x Black tubes with inflatable floats

      4x Webbing mounting straps

      1x Splash cover

      1x Zipper pouch

      2x Tripod screw ¾

      2x Salt resistant neoprene O-ring

      1x Plastic reducer
4x Tube support plates
1x Plate for camera mounting
6x Alloy tubes (500 mm)


      1x Tent bag

      1x Tent

      2x Pre-curved aluminium tent poles