The new Bertik II

Posted at: March 16, 2014

Since it’s mainly a improved version of the Bertik we didn’t want to rename it.
We were suggested to call it a MKII but since we won’t add to the Nikon / Canon debate we just added a II

One of the main issues with our pack was the lack of a laptop compartiment. We explained to you that it was not a ‘forgotten feature’, we left it out on purpose: since the bag is made to contain 10-15 kilos of equipment and be put down on the frontside, the computer would be on the bottom of a pile of camera equipment. Your precious laptop deserves a better treatment.

But you were right (yes, we admit it): when travelling around you are forced to put the laptop in a separate bag. Some airliners won’t allow you to have two pieces of hand luggage. So the first improvement is an added  laptop pocket on the front side which can house a laptop. Needless to sat that we don’t encourage this as a permanent solution: when on assignment you will forget about your computer and throw the Bertik II on the floor, crushing the expensive electronics with an even more expensive 500mm. We can predict your behaviour in the next 5 minutes after the second you realised… Probably all the wild things within a mile are scared away for the next few hours.

The second visible improvement is the adding of two tension straps. This will add some security since the bag cannot be opened without opening the buckles and it takes away the tension of the zip when carrying around with very heavy equipment.

Every MrJan Gear pack comes with a full set of dividers, a set of 5 pouches and a raincover.

Still looking for a great backpack for your photo equipment? You just found it! You can order one (and only there) in our webshop.

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