Taiga hat – Mosquito net


Mosquitoes can really spoil the outdoor fun, but using a mosquito net can also be a nuisance. So we were looking for a way to protect your head with minimal disadvantages.

  • The net is black, which gives you a better view, especially when the sun shines directly on your face.
  • The elastic drawcord is 8cm from the bottom. You can close it as far as you like and use the hem to tuck in, to prevent the bugs from finding any exposed skin.
  • It is wide enough to wear over your hat or cap.
  • The Taiga Hat has its own little pouch sowed in, so you won’t lose it
  • The mesh is very fine, preventing entry to any and all critters

Product Description

Black mosquito net to protect your head and neck. The black colour guarantees minimal obstruction of the view.

Additional Information

Weight0.02 kg
Dimensions50 × 12 × 12 cm


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