Taiga hat mosquito net


Easy to use black mosquito-netting to protect your head and neck while the black netting takes care of a good view.

Product Description

Using a mosquito-net can drive you crazy. Like not wearing one can drive you crazy. So we were looking for a solution to improve the simple netting for over your head without all the disadvantages.

  • The netting is black. This gives a better view through the netting, especially when the sun is directly shining in your face.
  • the elasticated drawcord is about 8cm from the bottom. You can close it as far as you like it and still have a reasonable hem to tuck in. That way the little critters can’t find any exposed skin and it is more comfortable in wearing.
  • It is wide enough to wear it over your hat or cap.
  • The Taiga Hat has its own stuff-sack sewed in so you won’t lose it
  • The mesh is very fine. Blackflies, mosquitoes, midges, and gnats – no entry!

Additional Information

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 50 × 12 × 12 cm


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