Mursu Complete – Lightweight


Alternative to the complete heavyweight, we offer the same package with a lightweight camouflage nylon tent – equally water repellent, but lighter. 

This all-in lightweight Wetland Hide comes in a handy Ponting Bag and includes:

  • Mursu camouflage nylon tent 
  • mosquito inner tent 
  • poles
  • waterproof PVC groundsheet 
  • tent pegs

We made the original Wetland Hide for one goal: to have a portable tent that can be used from autumn until spring, when the mating season (‘lekking season’) of the grouse starts. Because the ‘leks’ are in the middle of the frozen wetlands, putting up a tent is not the problem. But when the temperature rises, the frozen bog becomes wet again. So, the challenge was to design a hide that keeps you dry and comfortable in a moor throughout the seasons

The blind was developed for use on high turf and other boggy areas, in wet forests, in snow-covered areas and in areas with high winds – think Dovrefjell or the Siberian taiga and tundra. We designed and sampled a tent that withstands all seasons, based on feedback from photographers like Mia Surakka and Tuomas Heinonen, who had tested the Wetland Hide throughout the year. 

The Mursu Wetland Hide became more than just an upgrade of the original Hide. It’s more modular in design and applicable in a wider range of situations. You can use this tent in wetlands, on beaches and in the forest – to observe and photograph hard to find species of owls, capercaillies, black grouses, cranes, and waders.

Another challenge was to make the tent lighter, bug-proof and coloured for use in woodlands as well as the snow. We also wanted to offer a 360º view and make it applicable for low as well as medium-high camera positions. Finally, you can stay overnight in this hide and there’s space for cooking gear, if needed.

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Product Description

Areas of use

This hide is ideal for wet areas, with a very durable, PVC waterproof groundsheet. It has high walls to stay dry, even on very moist soil and with tripods and heavy lenses. The groundsheet reaches 10-14 cm high and is separately attached to the inside tent with side-release buckles, so you can use the tent without a groundsheet in summer times.

You can use 2 to 3 cameras in different positions through the zipper entries on the front and back of the hide. Each entry is a U-construction with four runners, and both sides have an extra zip with two runners for extra cameras. There are small, netted windows to look through. The handy window covers are attached with magnets and can be used as pockets for batteries when open.   

The poly-cotton tent is not 100% waterproof, but still highly water-repellent, developed for military use. We gave priority to breathability and a more silent design over weather sealing, making the tent much more comfortable than a nylon tent would be. We also offer a lightweight camouflage nylon as an option – equally water-repellent, but lighter.

Remaining in the hide for some days can be important when you’re photographing species like Capercaillie. The Mursu offers enough space for a photographer, a sleeping bag, camera gear, and even cooking gear to spend several days in the field.

High-quality, flexible alloy tentpoles are used for durability and give the tent the needed stability to withstand a lot of snow. The tent pegs are suitable for use in bog and tundra, and we redesigned the stabilisation triangles to use the hide under trying conditions. They can be fixed around trees or loaded with rocks.

On the sides of the Mursu flysheet, we added storm flaps with integrated pockets to fill with sand, stones, or rocks. This way, you can stabilise the hide on the beach, in the snow and in other places where pitching a tent is difficult.

As an extra, we also offer a rain cover for this tent in 2 different colours – Alpine White and Khaki. It covers some camera entries, but most positions remain possible.


You can use the hide in different ways:

  1. The flysheet, freestanding, as a regular photo hide
  2. The outer flysheet combined with the heavy groundsheet in a wet area, to keep your feet dry in up to 14cm of water.
  3. The outer flysheet with the inner mosquito tent and a lightweight groundsheet in dry circumstances.
  4. All 3 parts together (Wetland flysheet, inner mosquito tent and waterproof groundsheet) for work on wet or frozen terrain.
  5. The lightweight outer tent and the heavyweight polyester cotton tent are interchangeable
  6. Just the mosquito tent, pitched with the poles and used with a camouflage cover 
  7. We also offer a simple rain cover that can be fixed over the lightweight or the heavyweight tent. It improves the water- resistance on the most critical parts of the roof. Colour options: Alpine White and Khaki. 


  • YKK zippers
  • 100% (wat is er 100%?) rip-stop water-repellent coated Cotton
  • Strong and durable PVC seamless groundsheet
  • Strong and durable ø11mm T6 alloy poles

Additional Information

Weight10 kg


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