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We keep trying new things and dreaming of magic. My wife says we behave like little kids sometimes, even at 63. But we still turn our dreams into reality.

We dreamt of floating on a lake while being ignored by the birds. Following the stream of the water, we’d slide on our belly with a camera in front, taking pictures without being noticed. That’s why we worked on this project for more than a year. When I tested it with my Polish friends Marcin Baranowski and Lukasz Boch, Marcin went crazy for the product. So, we decided to name it after him.

As the pictures demonstrate, the Marcin follows the shape of a human body. The floating system lets you lie on it with your torso, holding the camera in front. You can fix your camera on a gimbal head and a pod or lay it on a bean bag. In short, it allows you to move freely and be creative.

It’s perfect for use in shallow water, swamp terrain and rivers, both for photography and as a handy raft. We also tested the durability of the Marcin in difficult winter conditions.

The black handles make it handy to carry and give you a grip on the platform, using your feet to steer where you want. All along the sides you’ll find a double elastic strap, so you can fix a camouflage cover. You’ll find plenty of d-rings to attach straps or elastics where needed.

The bottom of the floating device has double-layered material and black reinforcements, protecting it from stones, shells, and other sharp objects in the water.

Warning: This device is not a boat. It requires focus, a healthy physical condition, and a stable swimming technique. When using the Marcin, you should be aware of the circumstances in the water. Mr Jan Gear cannot be held responsible for any accidents or for the loss of your camera in the water.

The Marcin is on stock – It comes with a Ponting bag, easy to carry on your back.

In stock

Bundle with:

Air pump

A high volume air pump for floating hide.  5 liter per stroke. Quick inflating / deflating. Special valve used in rafts. It can also pump in reversed direction to quickly (and fully) deflate the floating hide which can be useful for packing.

Product Description

Weight with air is around 5kgs.
Dimensions are:
widest point bottom of the platform 90 cm
narrowest point top 60 cm
length 130 cm
thickness 10-15 cms

Additional Information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions120 × 90 × 15 cm


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