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The Lens Carrier is a simple carrying system for walking long distances with your long lens camera in a comfortable way.

The idea originated from a Frenchman named Jean-Louis Farjon, and we were asked to finetune it. We made it more lightweight, and while you have your lens directly at hand, your hands remain free to grab your binoculars, check your location on the mobile, change your memory card or scratch your head. And enjoy your walk more. 

The Lens carrier is supplied with a harness, so you can easily use it with or without your backpack. Meeting the request of several of our customers, we enlarged the front pocket and added Velcro for closure, which prevents objects sliding out when you lean forward.

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Weight 0.4 kg

Black, Khaki Camo, Snow Camo

19 reviews for Lens Carrier System

  1. ROSS SWANSON (verified owner)

    This is my second review for lens carrier system after using for about 6 weeks almost every day hiking two to four miles. Used mostly with canon rf 400 2.8 and ef 800 5.6. Carrier works great freeing up your hands to carry a tripod or make your way through rough country. Have a camera strap on the lens and camera around my neck but carrier system packs the weight. Would like to see buckles on front stuff pouch instead of noisy velcro and buckles instead of hook but regardless this product works great. Will we showing this product to my photography friends. More than worth the cost

  2. Ross Swanson (verified owner)

    Ordered lens carrier system for delivery to MT USA and received item within a week. Used a number of times with a Canon 800 5.6 lens with camera attached. Worked great on a long hikes instead of using a backpack or carrying on tripod. Camera and lens stayed in place with minimal movement. Little or no neck or back stain carrying this heavy lens. Time will tell how the carrier holds up. Good product and worth the price based on initial test use

  3. Karen Kolbeck (verified owner)

    Just used mine on a trip to Iceland.
    I carried my tripod incl camera and lens in it – soo much nicer than carrying the gear directly on my sholuder.
    I do allthough agree, that the hook system is a bit annoying.
    All the same top caracter from me

  4. David Li (verified owner)

    The design is great. However, the hook is easy to come often. I also found the stitches are not too strong. Mine was already little bit worn-out.

  5. Karim Meghazi (verified owner)

    Excellent design for long lenses. Fast delivery with very good follow-up. Thanks, MrJan Gear

  6. J. van Holten (verified owner)

    It’s a easy way to carry your gear around while walking. Tried it once on a long walk and was happy with it. What I don’t like is the hook system. It is going off too easy. Better use a (semi) closed connection.

    • Jan Goddefroy

      Thanks for the comment -we are testing some system and for sure we will keep your comment in mind when we improve the design during the next months.

  7. Arne

    Wonderful piece of kit. Easy to use, really well build and a lot of bang for the buck. I like how it balances my large backpack and how quick I can grab my camera.

  8. Bent Christensen (verified owner)

    For years struggled to find a good way to carry my Tamron 150-600 G2 with camera attached.

    With the Lens Carrier that struggle is over. Whether attached to my backpack or used with the included harness, it provides a comfortable and convenient way to carry and at the same time enables me to quickly access my camera/lens combo and shoot when needed.

    Quality also seems very good and I am sure I will enjoy this product for years to come.

  9. François Voirol (verified owner)

    Tout simplement super, après quelques semaines d’emploi je peux confirmer que c’est très pratique, confortable, et plus de charge autour du cou ou sur une épaule.
    J’ai un Nikon D7500 avec le Tamron 150-600, donc 3kg de charge bien répartis.
    A acheter sans hésiter.

    Simply great, after a few weeks of use I can confirm that it is very convenient, comfortable, and no more load around the neck or on a shoulder.
    I have a Nikon D7500 with the Tamron 150-600, so 3kg of load well distributed.
    Definitely worth buying.

  10. Tom Conzemius (verified owner)

    I tried several strap systems before to carry my 500 mm f:4, none was perfect (pros: ready to shoot in a second, cons: you have to stabilize the lens with one hand all the time, dangerous for your lens in difficult terrain, shoulder pain); now this is simple and genius with many pros: high comfort and no weight on your neck or on a single shoulder, very safe for the lens in difficult terrain, arms free(!), easy to combine with binoculars and backpack, maybe one con: you will not get the lens out in a second, maybe you will need 5
    Delivery was fast, now I have to use it a few years to look how it will wear out (looks very well made)

  11. Jens Peter Kragh (verified owner)

    Er super glad for den, den aflaster skulder og man får ikke ondt i ryggen 🙂

  12. Agris (verified owner)

    Good idea and great product. More convenient in long forest walks than usual strap. Using it with Canon 100-400 and 1Dx body

  13. Pierre Goujet (verified owner)

    Une livraison très rapide.
    Le système est vraiment très pratique. Il n’est plus nécessaire de porter le lourd ensemble appareil+téléobjectif à bout de bras ou pesant sur la nuque. Un article très utile.

    Very fast delivery.
    The system is really very practical. It is no longer necessary to carry the heavy camera+lens assembly in your arms or weighing on the neck. A very useful item.

  14. Jean-Yves SCOHY (verified owner)

    I use it with my 500mm and body attached on long walk in forest with my binoculars, with or without backpack …. it’s fantastic !! No more neck pain and my lens is always ready to be used : definitely a MUST HAVE for long lens owner Thanks Mr Jan

  15. FLORENCE BRISSET (verified owner)

    Très bien la livraison et le porte-lentilles

  16. Steve Colwill (verified owner)

    I have a Canon 600mm f4, Mk I (very heavy!). This system allows me to carry the lens, with camera attached, comfortably and instantly accessible. I would not be without it on a long day out. Highly recommended!

  17. Tony Gray (verified owner)

    A surprisingly simple way to carry a large lens comfortably & securely. I use a Canon 7D2 with battery pack attached to a sigma 150-600 sport & walk miles to capture my wild life images. The front pocket has room for spare batteries & camera water proof. A recommended purchase for any wildlife photographer

  18. Massimo

    Fantastic lens carrier expecially for long and heavy lenses.
    This product allows you to carry the camera and the lens and have them ready to use and at the same time you have your arms free.
    I bought it for a Sigma 500 f4 DG OS HSM and it’s very comfortable to use.

  19. Lilian Sineux (verified owner)

    Dernièrement, affût dans une zone de marais où il fallait faire près de 3 kms avec un gros sac à dos chargé de la tente, du trepied video, le siege, la nourriture etc… plus de place pour le boitier et le 500 que j’étais obligé de tenir à bout de bras. Dangereux et pas pratique quand il faut traverser des fossés remplis d’eau. Et vraiment fatiguant en plus. Il me fallait une solution… le lens carrier est venu comme une évidence !
    Envoi rapide, super qualité de fabrication, le poids est bien réparti avec le harnais et cela ne géne pas avec le sac à dos. Conception parfaite !
    top !! Dankjewel Mr Jan !!

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