Lens Carrier System M


The Lens Carrier M is a variation of our lens-carrying system, which allows you to walk long distances comfortably with your long-lens camera. We replaced the top buckles with a magnetic version for easy access.

The front of the MOLLE system facilitates adding extra packing – like pockets for water or snacks. It has two webbing eyelets on each side to attach your gloves or hat if needed.

The basic idea originated from the Frenchman Jean-Louis Farjon. We made it more lightweight and functional, so while you have your lens directly at hand, your hands remain free to grab your binoculars, check your location on your mobile, or change your memory card. And enjoy your walk more.

The Lens Carrier M also has a harness you can use with or without your backpack. It comes packed in a stuff sack.

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Additional Information

Weight0.35 kg



MOLLE front system – to add extra pockets.
Magnetic buckles.


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