Floating Hide Combo Classic

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This inflatable floating hide sets a new standard. It’s lightweight but very robust, and built with a very low mounting board to attach a gimbal (Wimberley) head. The hull can be inflated using high pressure, and the float is very stable and easy to handle. It is easy to attach all kinds of accessories to suit your needs for photographing waterfowl in shallow water or deeper ponds. Read more on our Floating Hide FAQ-page.

  • robust, strong material
  • compact to pack
  • one front handle to pull it on land, 2 handles inside for manoeuvring in the water.
  • 4 fixation points for flexible tent poles.
  • multiple other fixation points for extra camouflage materials or straps
  • camouflage print
  • inside measurements: 110/50cm
  • tube ø 30cm

FH Combo Classic is will be ready to send on 12th of April 2023.

In stock

Air pump

A high volume air pump for floating hide.  5 liter per stroke. Quick inflating / deflating. Special valve used in rafts. It can also pump in reversed direction to quickly (and fully) deflate the floating hide which can be useful for packing.

Floating hide tent pole

1 tent pole 9 mm alluminium with endtips


    Hide tent (in a separate bag)
    Mounting plate
    Safety net (to prevent memory cards and angle finders from getting lost in the water)
    Brass mounting screw for mounting your balhead or gimbal
    Waterproof Ponting Bag for easy transport of the float

Product Description


  • robust, strong material
  • compact to pack
  • one front handle to pull it on land, 2 handles inside for manoeuvring in the water.
  • 4 fixation points for flexible tent poles.
  • multiple other fixation points for extra camouflage materials or straps
  • camouflage print
  • inside measurements: 110/50cm
  • tube ø 30cm

Additional Information

Weight6.5 kg
Dimensions110 × 50 × 30 cm

You can download a digital flyer for the floating hide:

5 reviews for Floating Hide Combo Classic

  1. Jean-Michel Caillaud

    Of good manufacturing quality, this floating hide is really well designed and very easy to assemble/disassemble. I have just replaced the fixing ropes of the shelf with 6 wing nuts, which seems to me even simpler to use and more secure. After use, I remain very satisfied with this investment: lightness, solidity, stability.
    De belle qualité de réalisation, cet affût flottant est réellement bien conçu et très facile à monter/démonter. J’ai juste remplacé les cordes de fixation de la tablette par 6 vis-rondelles-écrous papillons, ce qui me semble plus simple encore à utiliser et plus sécurisant. Après utilisation, je reste très satisfait de cet investissement : légèreté, solidité, stabilité.

  2. Dimitri Crickillon (verified owner)

    J’ai la version classique depuis un mois. Je l’ai déjà beaucoup utilisé dans différents milieux aquatiques. L’affut est d’excellente qualité, c’est du solide et je n’ai aucune crainte concernant le pneumatique. La tente est parfaite et on voit qu’elle a été réfléchie par un photographe expérimenté, tout est bien pensé ! Gaines pour les arceaux très solides, toile épaisse, nombreuses fenêtres de visions avec fermetures aimantées (enfin, plus de velcro qui fait un bruit infernal). L’affût est compact et le top est la visée à raz de l’eau !!
    Par contre, pour pinailler ou aider à de futures améliorations…. La fixation de la plaque prend du temps à être installée avec un système de cordage (une fois fixée, çà ne bouge plus). Le sac de transport est super bien fait et très solide par contre, il manque d’une grande sangle pour les portages nécessitant une marche d’approche. Le gonfleur est fragile surtout sur le point de fixation avec le tuyau (pas sûr qu’il résistera longtemps à une utilisation intensive). Cet AF est vraiment superbe, je retiens : léger, solide, stable, perspective au raz de l’eau, efficace dans très peu d’eau (marais, vasières), tente hyper bien conçue. Comparativement à mes anciens AF fabriqués “maisons” et intransportables c’est vraiment un plus pour la pratique de cette approche photographique. J’en profite pleinement et je ne regrette pas cet investissement.

    I’ve had the classic version for a month. I have already used it a lot in different aquatic environments. The mount is of excellent quality, it’s solid and I have no worries about the tire. The tent is perfect and you can see that it has been thought out by an experienced photographer, everything is well thought out! Very strong pole sleeves, thick canvas, many vision windows with magnetic closures (finally, no more velcro that makes a hell of a noise). The mount is compact and the top is the flush sight !
    On the other hand, to nitpick or help with future improvements…. The plate takes time to be installed with a rope system (once fixed, it doesn’t move anymore). The carrying bag is super well made and very solid on the other hand, it lacks a large strap for portages requiring an approach step. The inflator is fragile, especially at the point of attachment with the hose (not sure that it will resist a long time to intensive use). This AF is really superb, I remember: light, solid, stable, low water perspective, effective in very little water (marshes, mudflats), very well designed tent. Compared to my old home-made and untransportable AFs, it is really a plus for the practice of this photographic approach. I take full advantage of it and I do not regret this investment

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  3. Marek Wasalski (verified owner)

    I have classic version since last year. It has opened new world for me. It’s amazing piece of kit very well build and easy to use. If you’re into bird photography try this. You’ll see how big difference does it make.

  4. John W Gerlach (verified owner)

    I have been using the floating hide for a year now, both version 1 and version 2. Both are excellent. The hide lets me easily reach excellent photo range while the birds are unaware of me being there. It is easy to do and a very relaxing way to shoot photos that please me.

  5. Adam Nalewalski (verified owner)

    A fantastic way of shooting from a perspective that has never been available to me before. Very quick and easy assembly and disassembly. You can easily take it wherever you want to take pictures directly above the water surface. Fast and professional service, fully professional.

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