FlexShooter Pro Lever Black

The new generation of tripod heads uses a patented system that overcomes almost all the disadvantages of a normal ballhead. It combines the functions of a leveller for panoramas, a sturdy head without any creep (change of position when securing the head) and a heavy head for long telephoto lenses. And in contrast to most all-rounders, this headset performs particularly well on all surfaces.

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The new generation of tripod heads uses a patented system to maintain the balance of each camera/lens combination. It’s suitable for even the heaviest lens/and camera combination you can imagine up to 45kg

Spirit level alignment

The FlexShooter heads can be aligned horizontally in the blink of an eye. The main ball has its own spirit level, the secondary ball can only move over two axes.


The head is built very compact. This is pleasant for an extremely low point of view but also to effectively counteract the vibration of a heavy telephoto lens.

Image creep

Almost every head is affected by it: if you have just accurately determined the cutout and you fix the head, then it just shifts again. By securing the ball from the inside, the FlexShooter has absolutely no problem with that.

Adjustable friction

The resistance in both balls is precisely adjustable and is very even.

Precision mechanics

The heads are manufactured and assembled with very tight tolerances in the FlexShooter factory in Europe and each head is individually tested and checked.

Quick Release

Our last wish has also been fulfilled: the clamp is now a beautifully machined large Quick Release Lever which makes a change in balance, camera position and mounting/unmounting of the equipment a breeze!

Additional Information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm


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Material: Anodised aluminium
Weight: 680g
Diameter inner ball ø 45 mm
Diameter outer ball ø 66 mm
Diameter base ø 63 mm
Thread: 3/8″
Max weight 45kg (100lbs)
Arca Swiss-style two-way clamp
Adjustable friction for both balls
Precision leveller
Elastomere  spring counterbalance for long lenses