Flens wrapper

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‘Flens’ is Flemish for a pancake. Hence the pancake-form we called it flens. And that it contains the word lens is just coincidence – there is not much more to say about the name. More on functionality though:

We made the Flens from a nice, soft, and strong double-faced fabric with a chamois-like inside and tricot outer. You can wrap your binoculars, lenses, bodies, flashgun, ball head, drone, envelope your filters or iPad in it or whatever gear that needs some protection – or just to prevent the small items rattling around between all the other stuff. Flens comes in a cute little pouch to keep it clean when not in use. The velcro is positioned in a way that it can almost always be fastened.

For bigger items, we made a square one of 50x50cm and the weight is near to nothing. Colors can change.

We use them a lot inside and outside our photo backpack.


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round, square


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