Flens wrapper


The name ‘Flens’ refers to its pancake-like shape (a flens is a Flemish pancake) and its main goal: to protect your lenses, binoculars, flashgun, ball head, drone, filters, iPad or whatever gear that needs some protection. Also very handy to prevent small items from rattling around between all your other gear. 

Made from a soft, strong, double-faced fabric with a chamois-like inside and tricot outer. 

The Flens comes in a small pouch to keep it clean when not in use. The velcro is versatile and can almost always be fastened.
For smaller items, use the round version. For bigger items, we made a square 50x50cm version. Colours can vary.

We use them a lot inside and outside our photo backpack.  

Product Description

Protect your lenses, binoculars, flashgun, ball head, drone, iPad, … with this handy, double-faced fabric with two-sided velcro. Choice between the round version and a square 50x50cm version. 

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