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The perfect tool to make fresh coffee on the road, in the hide or in your tent.
It takes just a few minutes to make smooth perfect coffee every time.

Product Description

We don’t know of any photographer who can start the day without a proper mug of coffee. We used to take our coffee with us in an old bruised thermos bottle but now there are better options. While the best coffee is fresh grounded and fresh brewed.

One of the very best ways of pouring coffee while on the road turned out to be the AeroPress. It is praised by many baristas for the full taste it can extract from the coffee – and we agree.

Using the AeroPress is a very simple process but you can complicate it in many ways. Just do a youtube search for AeroPress. We like the simple way: two spoons of freshly grounded coffee, pour a large mug of hot water in the machine, wait for a minute and then push the piston slowly down. In less than 3 minutes you will have perfect coffee to start the day or to warm your hands while waiting for the birds to arrive.

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