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Posted at: August 17, 2020

There is no bad weather…

Even in long forgotten times, photographers did not stay home because they disliked the weather. Keeping yourself warm and healthy is one thing, protecting your gear is another. If you cannot use your camera when it is raining, you are just a wet person, not a wet photographer.

All modern long lenses have decent weather sealing. They are protecting the sensitive inner mechanism and, even more important, electronics from dripping water. That doesn’t mean you should not take some extra care for your gear. It is not only to protect it for a gentle drizzle. Rain-covers are not the thing we made for the average sunny-day-photographer. It is not about camouflage, it’s not about looking good and professional. It is mainly a practical and straightforward way of protecting your gear when bad weather is coming for you. Like your own rainwear. And why spend so much money on equipment without taking care of the protection of it?

Rain is only one of the many elements that can batter your precious gear. [simple_tooltip content=’Breaking waves are producing tiny water droplets that can travel quite some distance in the wind. You don’t see them but they cover everything is a thin layer of salt. Even your filter or front-lens’]Salt spray[/simple_tooltip] when photographing somewhere near the ocean is very corrosive for alloy made lenses. Melting snow is also nasty when it freezes again on your lens and camera. And then there is the most damaging one of all: sand and dust. All will be kept outside with a decent lens-cover.

What makes our lens cover special?

Nothing, really. Most covers available, try to do the impossible: give you access to all the controls and protecting it. So we made a simple, lightweight, functional, easy to fit cover. We were looking for the KISS solution. Keep It Simple Stupid. So we started with a tube and experimented with several lenses and setups. Handheld and on a tripod – gimbal, ballhead and a video head. After refining the covers, we produced a small series, send it out to our ambassadors for feedback, and after some field testing, we made some minor changes. Always nice to have not more than minor changes.

So there they are, a new line of accessories to protect your lens and camera. We offer 4 different sizes in a green camouflage pattern. The material is polyester with a waterproof coating and a durable water repellent outer. The single seam is on the bottom-side and sealing it won’t offer much better protection. About half of the bottom has a velcro closure that allows you to attach your lens on a tripod.

Order your Showercap here.

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