You can leave your mitts on

By Olof Fredrikze | Posted at: April 5, 2018

Some of the features of the MrJan Gear backpacks go quite unnoticed. Like the grips or the ‘handlebars’. We make them gigantic. Not just because bigger is better but because we like to pay attention to the extremes.

A grip is needed to grab your bag and get a grip to it right away. Also when it’s freezing cold and it is strapped to the saddle of your snowmobile. That is not the moment to pull your mitts off and try to unload the thing with your bare hands.

We give you two of these big and grippy handlebars to ensure that you always have your bag safe and secure.

So, that is why we make them big and strong so you can leave your mitts on like Joe Cocker always used to sing.

Interested in more nifty details? Get a grip on a Boris or Bertik

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