Floating hide workshops 2019

For this year we do not only offer you the beautiful fishponds of Latvia but also two separate weeks in the Nemunas delta in Lithuania, one in spring and one in summer.

A week full of floating hide photography, guided by an expert who knows all about floating hides and is well known to the area.
Using a floating hide to explore the wildlife around lakes, ponds and coastal areas is a not very commonly known field of photography. The inflatable MrJan Gear Floating hide is a perfect solution for travelling and exploring new waters with a floating hide.

In order to help you with the first steps in entering the world of shallow waters - breeding and feeding area of many species - we are offering a full week workshop in the beautiful fish ponds of Nagli, near the Lubans lake area, in eastern Latvia.


The Latvia area is one of Europe’s most important wetlands and covers about 48.000 ha. (with almost 2.700 ha fishponds constructed in the ‘60s) and is well known for his migratory birds. As spring and also early fall are offering long daylight, we’ll have the chances to go for early “floatings” before the sun goes up and also stay long when the sun goes under.


The Lithuanian Nemunas Delta is an ancient wetland area with a protected status. The Nemunas Delta Regional Park covers almost 240 km² in 14 reserves from which 20% is covered with water. A unique hidden gem in the Baltic area.

You can read more about these workshops on the specific pages:

Lithuania - Early spring in the Nemunas Delta

Saturday 6th of April till Saturday 13th of April.

€ 1450,-

Full pension and single room

Target: spring migration birds - waders and ducks

Latvia - Springtime in the Fishponds

Thursday 10th of May till Friday 17th of May.

€ 1450,-

Full pension and single room

Target: spring migration birds - waders, grebes and ducks

Lithuania - Summer in the Nemunas Delta

Saturday 20th of July till Saturday 27th of July

€ 1450,-

Full pension and single room

Target: fall migration birds- juvenile and adult waders and ducks.