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By Olof Fredrikze | Posted at: December 3, 2018

The drysuit for photographers

One of the problems you encounter when using a floating hide is the use of waterproof clothing. The cheapest solution is a pair of waders with a high closure but these always imply some risk of accidentally filling up. Because the water in the boots is trapped you will tumble upside down and only a knife can rescue you from drowning. So we are no fan of waders at all.

The next best thing is a neoprene wetsuit but stay for anything longer than 20 minutes in the water without moving and your *** will freeze off. And using a floating hide is by no means a sporting event.

Last option until now was a drysuit. The kind professional divers are using: it is heavy, expensive (well over € 1000) and not very comfortable. And for most of the photographers we met, we know that the zipper on the back is really hard to close of you are all alone on the banks of a lake.


MrJan Gear stands for innovation. Sometimes by inventing unconventional things, sometimes by finding solutions never thought off. And we would like you to present you the result of our search: The Suit.

We would like to present you The Suit

The Suit is the best lightweight waterproof solution for Floating Hide Photographers.

This is just one of the samples made for us, but in short: it is a 4 layer breathable material, the suit weighs not much more than 1 kilo and is fully waterproof. Neoprene cuffs around the wrists and neck will keep the water out, even if you get fully submerged. The state-of-the-art Tzip is absolutely waterproof and the integrated waterproof ‘socks’ will let you use almost any kind of shoe you want – from cut-off wellies up to Teva sandals. And the front-side zip makes an easy entry.

The knees are equipped with a double envelope and removable kneepads so you can sit comfortably on your knees in shallow water and protects the knees from wearing.

The suit will be available for pre-order from January 1st 2019 in the webshop for € 650,-
Available/delivery end February

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  • Looks fine at a very reasonable price. I myself have a lightweight drysuit but it costs nearly double.
    If good quality then go for it


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