The evolution of a photo backpack – The Boris IV and Bertik IV

By Olof Fredrikze | Posted at: October 19, 2017

The evolution of the Boris backpack followed a normal, logical cycle of design. For some time, nothing was happening and then it went into a fast change. The power behind the changes was not competition, or a struggle for life, survival of the fittest or whatever, instead we wanted to set up our own production facility and not be dependant on subcontractors in Europe.

When we started building packs in 2011 we had just an idea – a rough idea what we needed and how it should look, function. In 2016 we moved to Slovakia and re-structured our company, and finally got the facilities and help of people to build our “own” packs. This is when the ideas started growing again.

Could we improve the packs without losing all the good features? We had a target of making the bags cleaner, more versatile and better suited for wildlife photographers out there.

So we took an old Boris apart and wrote down all the elements we wanted to be changed, modified. A rather long list, better grips, roomier front pocket, less seams, less webbing, better buckle on the hip belt, universal dividers, shoulder straps that fit also tall photographers, improved zipper placement… But also invisible details to make the bag stronger and even more robust.

Made in Europe

We stick to our long time strategy of making a world class photo backpack in our own European facility just outside Bratislava, Slovakia. It is important to keep the production in Europe for several reasons such as giving local people work, good customer care, costs on transportation, speed of reaction, control of quality. And we are proud of this decision and strategy.


AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle
AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle. Incomparable quality.

The Boris IV is not only improved  on many aspects compared to Boris III, but we added some extra accessories to make the bag more complete to do the job of carrying your expensive equipment. Earlier, when making improvements, we focused on fabric, Velcro, foams, workmanship and a life-long warranty, without any price changes. This time we added tripod clips, straps, extra dividers, a big lens support and a bomb proof AustriAlpin Cobra buckle on the waist belt. So we had to increase the price.

The new Boris IV is now available in our webshop.

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