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The Wetland hide is designed with the feedback in mind of photographers as Floris Smeets, Markus Varesvuo, Sergey Gorshkov, Tuomas Heinonen and our own experiences in the field.

With the experiences of the past months and seasons, plus feedback from photographers as Mia Surakka, Tuomas Heinonen, the Wetland hide was updated .

What has been changed ?

Poles are upgraded to 11 mm ø
The pole sleeves are all continuous for easy pitching
Upon the many requests for protection against mosquitos in the Finnish back-country, we added a mosquito inner tent, with sleeves for lenses, and a lightweight groundsheet making the Wetland an all year photo-hide. 

Ways the Wetland Hide can be used 

  1. the outer cover alone standing  as a normal hide 
  2. the outer hide with the heavy groundsheet in wet area. Fully waterproof up to 12-14 cm high 
  3. the outer cover wit the mosquito protection inner tent and a lightweight groundsheet in a dry period.
  4. all 3 parts together (the Wetland flysheet, the inner mosquito-mesh tent and the extra strong waterproof ground sheet), the hide can be used in wet and/or frozen terrain.

Product Description

Areas of use for the Wetland Hide

The blind was invented for use on high-peat and other boggy areas and for use in wet forests and snowy areas like Dovrefjell or the Siberian taiga and tundra.

We designed the hide from bottom to top for use in wet areas, so the groundsheet is extremely durable PVC waterproof material with high walls to stay dry, even on very wet soil and with tripods and heavy lenses in mind. The groundsheet has walls from 10-14 cm high and is separately fixed to the hides’ inside with side-release buckles to give you the possibility to use the hide without a groundsheet in summer periods or exchange it for a lightweight and compact summer groundsheet (will be separately available).
You can use 2 to 3 camera’s in different positions on all sides, a camera low, a camera high on each side through the zipper entries – The entry is a U-construction with four runners – on the front and in the back. On both sides you a zip with two runners allowing to place a camera as well. Little windows to look through.

The Wetland tent is not 100% waterproof. We use a very high water repellent material, specially developed for military use. Due to the number of seams, zippers, windows, we could not make the tent totally waterproof. On the bright side: the tent is much more comfortable than a nylon tent would be.

You can sleep and stay for some days in the Wetland Photo Hide, as this was one of the requests when you are shooting pictures of Capercaillie. The Wetland hide gives enough space to a photographer with his sleeping bag, camera gear and even cooking gear to spent several days in the field.

High-quality aluminium poles are used for durability and extra tent pegs are included for wet ground and redesigned stabilisation triangles to fix the hide under difficult conditions. The triangles can be fixed around trees but can also be loaded with rocks.

On the sides of the Wetland photo hide, we have added pockets. Pockets that give you the possibility to fill them with sand, stones, rocks, to stabilise the hide on the beach, in the snow and other places where pitching a tent with pegs is difficult or impossible.


  • Height 80 cm
  • Width 120cm/110cm
  • Length 220cm
  • The waterproof groundsheet wall: 14cm high


  • YKK zippers
  • 100% rip-stop water-repellent coated Cotton
  • Heavy-duty PVC seamless groundsheet
  • T6 11mmø alloy poles and tent pegs
  • Nylon guy lines
  • Cordura Packing bag


With all tent pegs, groundsheet, storm triangles – we end up around 10/12 kgs this figure will be adjusted in the coming period.

We reserve the rights to modify the information, and the product whenever needed. We are also not responsible for the wrong use of our product.

Additional Information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 110 × 210 × 80 cm

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  1. Agris (verified owner)

    Best hide for photography I have used. Very comfortable for long stays and good layout to work with two cameras without unnecessary noise. Not very lightweight but could be carried to location for 3-5km in wild forests or wetlands along with other neccessary gear – cameras, lenses, sleeping system and food.

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A video diary from Finnish photographer Tuomas Heinonen using the Wetland hide to observe the grouse at their lekking grounds.