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The Basic photo rucksack

A lot of producers are saying: Yes we listen to you but are they hearing? NO, they keep their costumers silenced with arguments we are working on it, oh yes, you are the first ones to have this complain. As gear freaks we sat down, wrote down all topics, addressed them and came up with Spitsbergen.


Waterproof zips, what is the use when the seams of your pack are not taped- it is fashion and expensive not function. So heavy and reliable YKK 10 zips.

Pockets inside

NO mesh pockets, mesh is useless in a rucksack, it gets ripped open, fixes itself to sharp edges. Our experience removable pockets with Velcro, transparent window, colored materials and different sizes, so you can move them around. 2 small and 3 large pockets are standard supplied with the pack.

Internal tension releasing system

We placed 4 internal tension releasing straps, 2 on each side. Use the internal straps to reduce the tension on the zips when the pack is loaded with long, heavy lenses, gear pushing towards the outside- this is why zips are giving it up, pulling them apart – so reduce the tension by internal straps.

Waist belt– shoulder straps

A removable waist belt is the standard because it is comfortable and easy when travelling. A lot of people do not use the waist belt when travelling by plane. The shoulder straps can be compressed but not stowed away; personally I never use this feature as I mostly carry the pack on the shoulders.


The bag has one compartment on one side and 2 on the other side.  However if you want to carry 2 long lenses the smaller compartments can be joined together, just open the divider between the 2 and you can place another big lens in the pocket.


3 sizes –small red, medium grey and the large one black color.

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Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 19 x 35 x 54 cm


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