Floating Hide Workshop Lithuania [fully booked]


2020 is your next chance…

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The groups will exist of maximum 5-6 photographers – in this way each will have enough opportunities to take pictures in different locations of the fish ponds.

Dates and schedule

During a full week, based in a homestead with full pension

  • 6th of April 2019 until 13th of April 2019
  • 20th of July 2019 until 27th of July 2019

We collect and drop you at Palanga international Airport – more details to be discussed.


From Saturday to Saturday – local transfers included – to and from the Airport
Full board – breakfast- lunch and dinner – alcoholic drinks excluded.
Entry for the area and rent of floating hides included.

Based on a single room

Day one –Saturday

Arrival at Palanga international Airport – transport to the village – and introduction to the areas we will visit the next few days. Introduction to the floating hide use – Get yourself installed in the rooms and preparation of the next early morning session.

Day 2 Sunday till Day 7 Friday

Each day consists of an early morning session and late afternoon session. We discuss the possibilities each day – and agree who will go where – try to look at pictures and discuss what position could be better – If you choose to have a long sleep – it is up to the participants to decide – as a lot of people think this is holidays but a week floating hide photography can be very intensive.

Day 8 Saturday

Depending on the booked flights of the participants, the trip back to Palanga Airport can be on Friday or Saturday morning early.

The Accommodation

You will stay close to the protected area – in a traditional style built Homestead. Originally this place was a fisherman village built in the years 1500’s – This village is unique in Lithuania as the main “road” is the river. In 1997 there were only 48 people left to live here. Now is a national heritage site. The majority of buildings were rebuilt in homesteads, the one we stay has 5-6 private rooms each equipped with own bathroom, a central kitchen, dining room and relaxing area. In a separate building, there is a more room and another kitchen.
In the central area, there will be coffee and tea at disposal all day, alcoholic drinks will be charged and delivered by request.


The kitchen will give you healthy meals based on local supplies – fish, meat and if there are vegetarians taking part – efforts will be made to fulfil their needs.


The Nemunas delta area gives a home to a lot of wild animals like the fox, racoon dog, wild boar, moose, 3 species of deer, beavers, otters and muskrat, who gives us the opportunity to capture unique images, not only of birds.

Photo equipment needed for the week

  • A 300 mm (or equivalent) lens is the minimum to be used.
  • A ballhead or a Wimberley to fix your camera to the floating hide
  • Drysuit or wetsuit or waders (with high neoprene top)
  • Anti-mosquito repellent,
  • Waterproof bag

A tripod – if you want to walk around and take pictures of Woodpeckers for example.

We will supply the MrJan Gear floating hides needed for the action.