May we introduce to you: The Rise

By Olof Fredrikze | Posted at: November 14, 2019

After we built several solutions for ‘big glass’ (the Boris and Bertik) we felt there was room for a smaller companion. A backpack for everyday use, with the convenience of a photo backpack. It is a smaller photo backpack but it will fit easily a 100-400mm or a fast 70-200 and a few smaller lenses and accessories. And even my 300mm F/2,8 sits snugly.

But we think the Rise is also pretty good for a day walking in the hills, a weekend away or even for commuting with your laptop, thermos and lunch for a day at the office. The main opening is on the back-side as with our signature packs to keep the carrying system clean when you are in the field and a lot safer because it is not possible to get to the content of the backpack without you knowing it.

The inside is, as always, full velcro for maximum flexibility, a rain cover with a retroreflective logo is included and (drum roll) we do colours! Three to start with (orange, blue and black).

We build it to last but also to be light. The backpack is just under a kilo – which is lightweight for a fully-padded rucksack.

Details price, availability and accessories will be revealed next weeks when our first series is finished. And of course, we will show them at the Lowland Photo Festival in Antwerp (B)

Order yours now!

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