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Posted at: March 15, 2015

There is no ‘best time of the year’ for wildlife photography. Lots of photographers love the springtime with all those abundant flowers, young and playful animals, soft and warm morning light and for those I have good news: it’s almost there!

For other photographers the autumn is their favourite time of the year. Burling deer – fighting for the ladies, indian summers, beautiful sunsets – just take a look at a 500px gallery and you know what I mean.

And then there is a group ‘hors categorie’. They are living with the seasons like all animals and plants (have to) do. The deers are in the forest when you are enjoying the late sun rays of a summer evening. But they are still there when it’s snowing, when the wind howls in the trees and de food is scarce. So, when you are sitting near the central heating, reading about Scott’s expedition and nothing would get you into the great outdoors…

We don’t make a difference between all those different photographers. We just make the MrJan Gear photo rucksacks for your and your gear. The only thing is that we make our packs also for those who dare to go into the misty mountains and still want to protect their gear from the elements and carry it comfortably on their backs when it makes no sense to unpack the 500mm while the sight is just 25 meters and it is snowing steadily.

So, what is your story? Looking forward to the spring? Or regretting the winter is already over?

Image credit: © Yves Adams

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