Floris Smeets

I was born and raised in the Netherlands. Coming from a family consisting of biologists, my passion for nature is embedded in my DNA. While growing up, I spent most of my time outside, looking for all kinds of wildlife. From the age of eleven, I started to develop an interest in photography. My dad gave me his first mirror reflex camera for my twelfth birthday. With this camera, I learned how to photograph and the importance of having a film roll in the camera when photographing…

Photography and guiding are my full-time profession and passion. I use the Norwegian nature for my playground, where I mainly focus on wildlife and landscapes. I have great respect for nature and think it is of great importance that pictures are taken in natural situations without disturbing the wildlife or altering the scenery. With my pictures, I try to capture the natural beauty in a way that it is not just a captured moment, but that it tells a story. The species of wildlife I focus on, are often not the easiest species to photograph.

Floris Smeets Photography
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